Monthly Archives: February 2014


Winter Warmer

If in these dark winter days, as slowly the sun stays up a little longer, you like me find yourself looking up into the sky and dreaming of your next big flight or remembering the highlights of previous ones, it is probably time to start thinking about your next trip to the paradise of central Italy. In these weeks find myself checking the forecasts almost hourly in the hope of there being a chance to do some more flying. Fortunately there have since the beginning of the year there have been many flyable days. I know, I am lucky to live here. Last year I had great pleasure in sharing all this with many of you and I am very much looking forward to doing the same this year.

The longest flight yet 52 minutes, not bad for January and February on snow crested slopes. If fact when the sun shines the thermals can be surprisingly punchy and can catch out the unprepared. The issue lies in the fact the the air temperature is usually very cold and when a comparatively warm sun heats the ground the difference creates interesting flying.

Luckily also here we experience very little ‘para-waiting’ as all launch sites have either telephone or web access to know exact what the wind speed and direction is in real time, therefore maximising the flying time.

When are you coming to paradise?