Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spring, Spring, Spring

Officially it begins here on the 21st March. However, here at Flytaly we have been flying everyday for the last two weeks! The sun tanned faces and the panda eyes from sunglasses are already well formed! Many have been surprised by the strength of the thermic activity and others thrilled by the exciting dynamic lift. With so many wonderful flying days inevitably also comes rain. Here in Italy we get as much rain as the UK, however those grey days one after another are very rare. It is an unusual day if we can’t get a flight or two either early or late. Some are grateful for the break, allowing them time to go and visit Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, Cortona, Arezzo……

Someone asked me the other day if it ever gets crowded. I laughed, as It is very rare I am ever in a thermal with more that 2 other people, and that only because we are off on an adventure!