August Involved Packed Days of Paragliding in Italy!

We hope that you have had some great flights paragliding in Italy in the last four weeks. Here at Flytaly our pilots have been enjoying plenty of flights across the stunning Italian landscape – our low air time pilots in particular have had a fantastic month for flying, without a single day that they were unable to fly on.

In terms of the quality of our flights, we have had only five days when we were limited in our choices. As always, we discuss the order of the day every morning as a group – before we take flight – making the most of the weather, the beautiful backdrop that Italy provides us with, and our pilot’s abilities. We always like to push our paragliding pilots to their limits, so prepare to be challenged!

Our pilots have ended the day pretty exhausted after a packed schedule of flights, and have been particularly thankful to be heading back to Villa Pia to relax with a beer and a home-cooked meal. Remember we’re all-inclusive so you won’t have to worry about finding a local restaurant or cooking for yourself in self-catered accommodation. We also have swimming pools, tennis courts and treatment rooms if you fancy a day off from flying – although it’s rare, it happens to the best of us! Or, if you fancy something a bit different, we have cookery classes run by our talented local chefs, who can teach you some traditional Italian recipes which you can whip up when you get home.

We still have some spaces left for September, and the amazing Italian weather stays with us well into November. The scenery becomes even more beautiful as autumn arrives, which makes us wonder why you would want to fly anywhere else.

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