Way Down South in October. Calabria, South Italy 2019

Fly the sites you have always dreamt of for either one week or two. We are heading south to the ‘foot’ of Italy. Mountain and coastal flying never too far from the clear blue mediterranean, plenty of beach landings, great local food, beachside hotel, warm seas. You can choose to come for the first week based at Praia a Mare (6 – 13 October) and or the second week (13 – 20 October) when we will be taking to the road, flying all the best sites in the south.

Fly to Sicily with us

Over the Sea to….Sicily Flying with Flytaly.
Sunday 28th to Sunday 4th November.
Don’t say goodbye to the summer.
The Mediterranean’s largest island with over 10% of the population of Italy.
Mountain flying in the north and northwestern area.
Based in an agriturismo, with high quality food. About 1 hour south of Palermo.
Arrive there, we will meet you, all transport, accommodation and food included.
Just 980£ per person, per week.


Italian Skies – La Dolce Vita

Italian Skies.
We are at our home base in Assisi (Unesco World Heritage Site) until the end of September. Great flying in classic paradise mountains and valleys of central Italy. We drive up to big grassy takeoffs, big flatlands out in front or exciting mountain flying above launch, perfect for all levels of experience, start early, finish late, great food, swimming pool, all transport and retrievals, arrive and leave on any day of the week, stay as long as you want. All with the great Italian culture….La Dolce Vita!