Morocco in March 2018

Kick start you 2018 flying season. Coastal flying on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Thermal and dynamic flying. Suitable for all levels of pilot. Good food and accommodation in local town. Come for one week of two. Get yourself to Agadir then only €600 per person per week inclusive of everything, including guiding and retrievals, (except alcohol)!
We’re just waiting for you!

Coming Events Summer 2017

We here at Flytaly love this sport so much that we NEVER give up on the season.

Extend your flying season too with:

WAY DOWN SOUTH: Saturday 7th October to Saturday 14th October

Saturday 14th October to Saturday 21st October


Get yourself to Naples airport and we will collect you. We are going to Calabria, way down south in Italy to fly the coastal sites. Beach landings, thermic flying, soar the skies ALL day long. Come for 1 week or 2! £700 (€840) per person per week ALL inclusive of everything, except alcohol! MOROCCO: Saturday 18th November to Saturday 25th November


Saturday 3rd March to Saturday 10th March
Saturday 10th March to Saturday 17th March


Don’t kiss the summer goodbye just yet! Get yourself to Agadir and we will be soaring the coastal sites of South Morocco. Enjoy the heat with great coastal flying, both dynamic and thermic. Great food and hospitality, as always with Flytaly! £500 (€600) per person per week ALL inclusive of everything, except alcohol! In March you can come for 2 weeks!



Book Your Dream Glider

It is with great pleasure I can now offer you an extra service. I am now a official representative for NOVA Paragliders. So book your dream glider to try before you buy. See

Even more good news: I am also the official representative for all SUP’AIR products. See

Recently Qualified?


A very recently qualified, low airtime pilot just went home.He exceeded his expectations and targets for his holiday by a long, long way. He came content to hone his skills and gain experience. He certainly did that.

He went back home having made 12 flights, he could have doubled this number if he wanted to, but chose not to. The remarkable thing is however, he averaged 50 minutes on each flight. Now if you are a low airtime pilot and wish to fly over some of the most beautiful country in the world, what are you waiting for?

If you have experience, then just imagine what you could do? What are YOU waiting for?homeblock1