Who are the holidays for?
All paragliding pilots, either groups or individuals and, if they choose, their partners, friends and families. Pilots should have achieved “Club Pilot” qualification, or other national equivalent. We can, on all flying days, offer ALL pilots who have a wide range of experience and skill, a good service as the take off sites are the same for everybody. It is only the collection of pilots on landing that varies. Some of the less experienced may choose to do multiple short top to bottom flights, or some hill surfing, whilst at the same time, others are off on a longer adventure. Many experienced pilots choose to do a short top to bottom flight in the morning to get a feel for the potential of the day, then later go for a big one!

What if we get really bad weather?
There is nothing we like better than satisfied guests, who go home having had a wonderful experience and are already thinking about coming back.
In the unlikely event of loosing a whole week to bad weather, we will give you a discount towards another holiday in the future, at a time that is mutually suitable. We will offer you a discount on a pro rata basis, based on a weeks holiday. When there is unsuitable weather either in the morning or afternoon we will always try to use the best of the day. We will always try to make the most of all days. On occasions this may mean starting early and, or finishing late. We recognise that the best future for our business is a great relationship with our guests and a good reputation within our sport. The best and cheapest advertising for us is “word of mouth”. We want you to have such a good time you come back again and again.

What about non flying partners, friends, family?
Partners, friends families always welcome.
What can they do? Your choice:
Take a day off and do something together.
Go to the flying sites to take the photos.
Nothing, read a book, drink a glass (or three) of wine.
Lie by the pool all day.
Go sightseeing in one of the many medieval towns of villages.
Go shopping.
Drink real Italian coffee and real Italian ice cream in a piazza and watch the world go by.
Do culture “Who said half of the worlds art is in Italy”?
Book a massage or beauty treatment.
Take part in the cooking school.
Explore the valleys or mountains.
Anything else?

What equipment do I need to bring?
Glider, harness, helmet, emergency chute, instruments (radio, vario, GPS, mobile phone).

What clothes etc do I need to bring?
Swimming towel, toothbrush. In the summer you can fly in a pair of shorts, or less, however in winter you will need full cold protection. It does sometimes, on rare occasions snow here at sea level and if you are flying, you can take of a degree centigrade for every 100 metres of height and then consider the wind chill factor. Needless to say it can at times get very cold up there!

What currency, where do I get it?
Euro, before you arrive, as you will pay the balance of your holiday on arrival, but there are cash machines here in abundance.

What insurance do I need and where do I get it?
You will need to have a European Health Card, available at any post office, (although for European Union residents this has never been requested). You also need to have, from an Italian legal perspective, third party liability cover for €517,000. This is available from You may in addition choose to have; repatriation insurance, loss of income insurance, personal accident insurance etc. It is your choice how far to go down this road. If you are a non UK resident your own national paragliding association will be able to offer you similar cover.

Which is the start day of my holiday?
Sundays are our preferred day of arrivals and departure. We have flexibility over this. Talk to us if you are planning to arrive or depart on other days of the week and extending your stay, either before or after your chosen time.

Where to I fly to?
Perugia, from where we will meet you at the airport and drop you off. There are direct flights from London Stansted with If you find that Perugia is not suitable you can also fly to Rome airports, or Pisa, or others and get a train to Assisi or Foligno. If you choose another airport, or choose to fly on another day, you may need to make your own way to us (unless you are a group and by prior arrangement). Perugia and local train stations are rarely a problem. For travel times from other airports see:- “How to get there”

Will I be collected from the airport?
Yes from Perugia on Sunday. If you wish to fly to a different airport, please see the above question.

Do I need to hire a car?
What do you want to do? If are coming purely to fly, a car is not needed. If you are bringing partners, friends and family and they would be happy being dropped off and collected from places that are next to, or near to our routes to and from fly sites, then again a car is not needed.
If you are extending your stay either before or after your flying, or, planning to go elsewhere whilst in Italy, then you may choose to hire a car, either for part of your stay, or all of it. If you choose to fly to a different airport other than Perugia you may need to hire a car or make your way using public transport. Talk to us!

Can I extend my holiday either before or after?
Yes of course. Many people return to holiday with us many times. Double figure returnees are common place. You may choose to extend your stay with us or elsewhere. There is so much to do and see it is not possible to list all things. However a question to you: Where else in the world can rival this? Within one and a half hours from us are Florence, Siena, Cortona, Montepulciano, Arezzo, Perugia, Gubbio, Assisi, Spoleto, Spello, Orvieto, Terni, San Marino, Urbino, and the place where St Francis met the devil! There is also so, so much more!

Can I have my own room?
Our prices are based on two adults sharing a room. If we have space ww will always try to give you your own room if available. If you wish to guarantee a room to yourself then there is a surcharge of €250 per week. Please state this on your booking form.

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Can my non flying companions do a tandem flight?
Of course. Let us know on the booking form or when you arrive.

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