“The secret to give you the best possible experience is good local knowledge.”

In central Italy we have it all! Great weather, uncrowded skies, big take off sites which are perfect for top landing, big, wide open plains for thermal soaring, high rounded top mountains and endless possibilities for cross country flying.

It is our job to take you, each day, to the best flying site(s) with regard to wind strength and direction.

When there is a choice available this will always be explained to you so we can make a joint decision on what to do.

We will provide you with a radio if you do not have one.

Before we fly you will first be taken the official landing site. This will give you an opportunity of a site assessment including:

  1. A view of the take off zone from below.
  2. An opportunity to assess any potential hazards.
  3. An orientation of the possible flight from take off to landing.
  4. Terrain, wind speed and direction.
  5. An up to the minute weather forecast.

If cross country flying is your passion, or if you would like to try:

  1. We provide a dedicated recovery service.
  2. We will discuss the possible direction and topography of any potential route.
  3. We will discuss the potential of a triangular flight.
  4. Radio and mobile phone response service.

The greatest height difference between take off and landing on one of the sites that we use regularly is 1000 metres, about twenty minutes if you choose only to fly directly from take off to landing.

The lowest difference, on any of our frequently used sites, from take off to landing is a bit less that 600 metres and the official landing site is in the middle of a medieval town, in a roman amphitheatre. Only in Italy! This site is also one of the lowest in metres above sea level. We fly here to get airborne to go cross country, as there is a large plain below, to use the flatlands to find thermals, to go fly/sightseeing, when the wind is slightly too strong for take off on other sites, to go hill surfing, to do one of the most incredible top to bottom flights ever.

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