Friends & Family

Hospitality is our business. We have been doing it at in Italy since 1996!

Friends, partners and family are always welcome.

If they wish to come to keep you company;
or, for you take a day off flying to do some things together,
or, take the video or photos,
or, lie by the pool all day,
or, book a massage or beauty treatment,
or, for the great Italian experience of amazing food,
or, seek out the wonderful atmosphere of the medieval villages and towns,
or, go for a walk in the mountains or valleys,
or, go shopping,
or, anything else?

This is the way it works:

We have our vehicles to take you flying and collect you when you land. We give you access each day to the most suitable flying site or sites depending on wind strength and direction. THIS IS OUR PRIORITY.
However alongside this as we are always out driving through some of the most amazing places, it is no trouble at all to arrange drop off and collection, of friends and family, providing it does not infringe on airtime. In reality everyone gets their needs met!

“The best thing are all the other guests: The party just goes on and on”

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    • In the last 3 weeks only one day we have not flown. Tomorrow looking good as well! 2082 days ago

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  • Many thanks, you have a wonderful place, so we are both keen to come back soon.