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1 taking off

Why Not Join Our Recent Paragliding Pilots & Rebook For Next Year?

Many happy paragliding pilots reluctantly left Flytaly to go home this month. Most had such a good flying experience they even broke their personal best records whilst flying with us. All had a fantastic time and can’t wait to rebook for next year. One pilot in particular has already returned for a repeat performance! Continue reading


Late Summer Paragliding in Italy

We received an exciting phone call at Flytaly HQ a couple of weeks ago from a couple of eager fliers.

“We are a couple of newly qualified CP pilots, we will be in your area tomorrow, can you help?” They stayed just two days with us and were both able to fly for over 5 hours, in varying degrees of thermal skies. Continue reading


August Involved Packed Days of Paragliding in Italy!

We hope that you have had some great flights paragliding in Italy in the last four weeks. Here at Flytaly our pilots have been enjoying plenty of flights across the stunning Italian landscape – our low air time pilots in particular have had a fantastic month for flying, without a single day that they were unable to fly on. Continue reading


Summer Paragliding Has Finally Begun

Summer paragliding has finally begun here, with 31° on top of Monte Cucco this afternoon. Massive thermals were kicking off but cloud base was a relatively low 2200 metres. Yesterday was truly impressive at Monte Subasion, with all pilots – even the least experienced – enjoying long flights. The shortest flight was 1hr 40 minutes! Continue reading