Things we don’t do

Dump you hungry and thirsty after a busy day flying in a strange town to let you fend for yourself, when all you only want to do is to be taken care of after a long day flying! The price you pay is all inclusive, of ALL food, water, coffee etc. (If you choose to drink beer, wine etc then this is at your own expense). There is a delicious Italian meal every night, cooked by local cooks. This is prepared for you from locally sourced, fresh local ingredients. We only employ local people who can walk to work, we are committed to supporting the local community. We always go to the most local supplier first. We believe that a corner stone of our business is our relationship with our staff and town, and this only works when they need us and we need them.

Play a celebration fanfare on a successful landing! There are many, many things that we dislike about budget airlines but this is the worst. Why? They choose to use a very rare moment of joy and pleasure to hit you again with another commercial. We try to be as uncommercial and laid back as possible, whilst at the same time remaining focused on the core issue; high quality in all things that are important.

We never fail to keep you informed of the on going situation. This includes journey times, weather conditions and flyability! Simple information exchange is always valuable and important. This is two way, if you want to know something then ask!

Bring around a “inflight drinks trolley” at inflated prices!

We always listen. We never ignore your thoughts, opinions, feelings and requests! We welcome all your questions and comments. We recognise that holidays are extremely important. It matters to us that your thoughts and opinions are heard, valued and respected.

Carry your bags or luggage! If you are looking for this kind of service we politely suggest that you would have a better experience elsewhere.

Restrict your baggage allowance! What you choose to carry when you fly is your choice!

Provide trouser presses, minibars or shoeshine service! This really is so far from our atmosphere.

Undervalue our clients.

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    • In the last 3 weeks only one day we have not flown. Tomorrow looking good as well! 2082 days ago

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  • Thanks for an amazing holiday, we still haven’t come down to earth yet. Looking forward to flying with you again soon.